24 hours

Ted and I usually speak on the phone each night around 9pm, after the kids are asleep and we’re getting ready for bed. We can often hear the other brushing our teeth or gargling water. We say “goodnight, sleep well, and I love you.” In the morning I usually wake up to some sort of “good morning” text since he is an early riser.

This morning I set my alarm for 9:30am so I could get a full night’s rest without the “snoring or cat walking on me at 2am” as I said to Ted. Instead I awoke to my phone ringing just before 9am. I thought it was one of the bridal shops calling to confirm today’s appointments as I am in NJ visiting my folks to go dress shopping.

It wasn’t. It was Ted. I saw the missed call and immediately dialed his number, glancing at my phone which had a flurry of mixed calls and texts from Ted & one of the kids.

Ted told me there was a fire in his apartment last night. In fact, he texted me around 3:30am to mention the upstairs neighbor’s dogs were running around barking. The next text came an hour later asking me to call him when I woke up.

The kids and Ted – and his neighbor & the dogs – all got out before the fire spread. Ted’s place mostly has water damage but we don’t know yet to what extent. He was able to get a few things and he’s now at my condo, which is now our condo.

Fortunately there are a few 2 bedroom apartments available at my new complex so we’re switching to one of those. Ted and I are officially living together. We wish it wasn’t on these terms. But I’m happy I can provide a roof over his head.

Mom, dad, and I still went wedding dress shopping, and I said “yes to a dress!” It’s very pretty and I feel good in it. We purchased it at The Curvy Bride in Manalapan, NJ. That place was amazing! Gorgeous gowns, wonderful staff, and the owner was amazing – a kindred spirit.

Lots of changes in 24 hours. What have I learned? When you love someone, you take on their stresses. My heart hurts for Ted and the kids, but I will work hard to help replace items, and salvage what we can. Those three are book lovers so we will need to work on rebuilding their library. We’ll get Ted new clothes. We’ll replace their legos. Most importantly, they’re going to be ok. ❤️

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