Everything hurts. Seriously, I must have some of the biggest knots in my muscles. Ted was working out the knots while I screamed into the pillow. Now that’s love. While I was driving home, I was afraid I was going to nod off. Stress!

Tomorrow we head to IKEA to get new beds for us & the kids. I was always planning to sell mine since it’s bulky, so we’re going to switch to a king. The kids need everything – toothpaste, brushes, deodorant, etc. We have received an outpouring of support from friends & family, and the boys’ mom’s friends & family are also sending gift cards so we’ll be able to replace the kids’ books, legos, etc. As avid readers, they go through books quickly so rebuilding their library is essential.

Ted and I had a nice Italian dinner tonight, outside, with fire pits to keep us warm. It was nice. I think we’ll enjoy this place as it’s right down the street from our new apartment. I really like the apartment. For 1100 sq feet, it feels spacious yet cozy. Each bedroom has a bathroom and I think the twins will like their space. Of course I’m most stressed about where I’ll put all of my stuff but we’ll sort it out.

Ted’s upstairs and I’m on the couch, writing. I was so fidgety. I can’t seem to settle down at night. My brain won’t stop thinking and unwind for the evening. Same thing with my body.

It’ll get better soon.

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