Boulder, CO

Last night I put on the news -something I rarely do these days because it is so depressing – and saw that there was a shooting at a grocery store in Boulder, CO. My nephew lives there, so I texted my brother and asked him to check in with him. He doesn’t live on that side of Boulder so he doesn’t do his grocery shopping there. He was fine. But what about those people who weren’t? A young woman who was managing the front of the store lost her life. She’s been working there, likely through Covid, and then was murdered by a senseless shooting. I just can’t wrap my brain around it. It reminds me of the hatred in this world and, without any information about the shooter, it makes me think we need to do more for mental health as well. Same song, different dance. You can’t even go into a supermarket now and feel safe. It’s crazy. I don’t have much more to write about this, but just needed to get these thoughts out.

One thought on “Boulder, CO

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