Countdown to nuptials: 3 days to go (well, technically 2 nights and 1 day)

Today, my therapist – who I’ve been seeing for years – said, “Joanna, you’re getting married! Take a moment to appreciate that!” It’s still sinking in.

One of the twins just called me and asked if we can do a rick roll at the “fake” wedding (the one in Oct). I told him I’d consider it for the reception. Sigh. 🙂

Today was a whirlwind. I worked during the day and then went out in the evening to get things for my unofficial bachelorette night with my friends from high school, along with some inexpensive vases to load up my parent’s place with flowers. TBH, I also have some penis straws. It’s a right of passage, right? #nojudgementplease

I am exhausted, physically and mentally, from the amount of stuff I’ve been juggling. Ted and I are going to have the kids this weekend and next week, so we won’t have any “married couple” time until next Friday night, so we’re planning to go out to dinner and then we have massages scheduled for Sunday at a spa near our apartment in MA. I am super excited for a stone massage!

I should tell you that simultaneously, I am also planning the October wedding, and my mom’s friends are hosting a shower for me in NJ in June. We’ll have a virtual component as well. How very Covid of us.

It was very sweet – one of my colleagues gave me a shout out on our team meeting today and my boss (technically my boss’s boss) was confused how I recently got a dress and am getting married so soon. I explained to him that it was wedding #1 and he told me that he, too, had 2 ceremonies because he had a commitment ceremony with his now husband before gay marriage was legal. I was very touched by that comment.

It’s getting late (almost 9pm!) so time to sign off for now!

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