I’m a fan. In fact, I had a delicious grilled cheese on thick fresh bread with boars head cheddar for lunch. Yum, with a Coke Zero on the side. Delish.

However, I am not a fan of being part of the Sandwich Generation. You know what that is – middled aged adults caring for kids & parents concurrently. Now that I’m a stepmom, I have a 2 kids counting on me. Granted, I’m not their biological parent, but trust me, I’m a parent. While the kids were walking home today from school, they called me. J told me about his day while R shouted in the background, “When are you coming home?”

And whimpered. It broke my heart. I told him that my parents needed me right now but I’d be home soon.

“When?” He asked.

“I don’t know yet, buddy. Why don’t we FaceTime tomorrow & you can show me how much Louie has grown?”

“Just come home.”

I texted Ted and asked him to check in on R. Tonight us “back to school night” so he (and the kids) would also see the kids’ mom, who is their other calming force.

I think I’ve described myself as feeling like that Stretch Armstrong toy from the 1970s where you could pull his arms, legs, and torso in all directions. Pretty sure my brother had one. Anyhow, you know what I mean.

I planned to take 1/2 day today from work, but somehow, at 4pm, I was still sitting in front of my laptop. I’m preparing for a big presentation next week (at 7:30am – yikes!) and planning my goals for FY22. I looked into PFMLA and sadly, I can’t afford to cut my pay that much. It’s not easy.

Did I mention I was also sick last night? 3.5 years ago I had gastric sleeve & on occasion, I still have side effects from it. No doubt the stress exacerbated it. I went to grab my Ativan today at CVS & the staff there bit my head off because I had come before I was notified it was ready. I had requested the refill yesterday. So, I left without it, afraid to return there. I asked my dad to pick it up for me. Way to go, CVS! Side note: never got any notification whether it’s ready or not. 🤷🏻‍♀️. Clearly I need it! 🥰

Anyhoooo. Time for some “The Other Two” on HBO max. Who else watches this brilliant show?