9/16/21 midday

It’s Yom Kippur, and in Judaism, today our fate is sealed for another year. Spent my morning and early afternoon balancing work, caring for my folks, and doing a Target run for more pjs. No clue where mine are at home. Not unpacked yet (we just moved). Got a shirt to wear under a blazer since I’m giving a presentation next week to one of the surgical teams next week. Ted will bring my blazer.

Mom is about the same, resting. When the visiting nurse was here, she confirmed we’re doing all we can.

We have Chinese food coming tomorrow, and two more friends sent me virtual gifts – M sent Dunks (coffee!!!) and A sent door dash, will come in handy. I’m digging into the food that we got yesterday. I stopped fasting years ago. Dad is headed to friends to break the fast; I’ll stay behind. Our aide Gertrude – Such a dear soul – arrives at 8pm.

All for now.