9/17/21 7pm

I’m not sure I’ll be writing much for a bit, as we’ll have the rest of our family here and I want to focus my energies there. When my writing stops supporting me, I take a break.

I just checked in on mom and she was slightly snoring, so that meant she’s sleeping deeply (I think?) so I was happy about that. My brother is back on this side of the world, and will catch up necessary rest, and drive here tomorrow with my sister-in-law. Ted and Louie are on route. I heard my poor sweet Boo Boo (my term of endearment for Louie) crying in the car, so I’m eager to get him here, running around, again like the kitten he is. I’m sure it is stressful for Ted. I told him to sing to him like I do when Nermal is in the car with me. As I type this, I can picture the kids rolling their eyes!

I’m going to work on my MBA essay tonight and get it done. It’s the last piece of the application. I know it’s crazy but I fear this is my chance to get it done without distractions. I’ve formulated what I plan to write, and reviewed it with my mom – she asked – so I think I know what I’ll write.

We had our Chinese food tonight – so good – and our dear friend brought us more chocolates (thank you, the milk chocolates are heavenly), and another friend is bringing us fresh fish he just caught. I will not go hungry! We share it all with our dear Gertrude, who arrives each evening at 8pm and helps us with mom. She has such a nurturing personality so she’s a welcome comfort to us all. Mom refused her friends today who dropped off the food. She said she didn’t want them to see her as she is. One of these friends has known her for 50+ years. She was very understanding. It’s hard, I have no doubt, for the recipients who want to see her, but are declined, it is hard. But this is mom’s choice.

More later.