9/17/21 Morning

Mom looks much weaker this morning. Her body is clearly shutting down. It’s so sad to watch. I’m trying to be strong for her. Been getting lots of emails, texts, FB messages. Some are more helpful than others. Responding to them is getting harder, as I’m still balancing my work as well, so just know I appreciate the sentiments. Thank you to the folks who are dropping off food. It’s hard to engage everyone so I’m just asking for stuff to be left on the bench next to the door. Saving what little energy I have for my folks.

Ted arrives tonight. I am literally counting down the hours until he arrives. I can hug him and cry all that I need in the privacy of our room. And Louie! That little nugget will give me such joy. Been emailing with my boss and told her that it feels good to be working in healthcare right now – that I feel like I’m making a difference – so it feels good to get in a few hours of work each day. Ok, more than a few hours, but you know what I mean.

Last night, I prepared my mom’s jewelry for her review. She asked me to bring it to her so she can point out “the good stuff.” That is SO Helaine. I like doing it because she tells me stories about the pieces – “you dad got me that for our anniversary” or “Larry and Irene made that one for me. It’s a Tiffany knockoff.” The stories are fun to hear.

And, does my mom have purses or what? Now I know where I get my love of all things leather and Coach. She has shelves upon shelves of gorgeous bags. I told her I packaged a few for myself, and I had some ideas of what to do with the rest. She liked the ideas. Mom has always encouraged me to go “shopping in her closet.” I know a few friends of hers recently came over and took many items to either wear or sell. It makes me happy to see that happening.

Ken and Marina arrive tomorrow after flying home from their trip to France. I’m so glad they did the trip. But, just as much, I’m glad they’ll be here to say their goodbyes. Last night Dad and I briefly acknowledged our time together will shift now as our group of loved ones will grow. It was good to have the time with him. He said, “We get along pretty well, don’t we?” We do. It’s nice to really enjoy the company of your parent.

More later.