Happy birthday, mom!

I returned to New Jersey last night via Amtrak. I left my car at the train station so the trip was very smooth, and I didn’t have to deal with the traffic in NJ or Boston.

Today is mom’s 79th birthday – she was born September 27, 1942. She is part of the “Before Boomer” group, which makes me laugh because it sounds like a title that the boomers may have created (no offense to the Boomers reading this). She was born in the middle of WWII, which is so surreal to me, as it was such a tumultuous time. Then again, look at us now! We’re in the middle of a pandemic. We’re a divided country in so many ways – political parties, vaccinated or not vaccinated, etc. Will she leave this world in the middle of chaos as well?

I had a beautiful weekend back home in Braintree with Ted and the kids. We accomplished a lot! We had date night at our local place, had Dim Sum with the kids, got our new couch and kitchen island delivered & installed, and we cleaned. I also got my home office set up so when I return, it’s ready for me. Such a relief. The kids built a big Lego set that my parents sent to them so that kept them occupied.

The kids were very upset that I was leaving again. I can understand their frustrations. I tried to explain to them why I need to be in NJ and that no matter where I am, they are always in my heart. R said, “No, I’m not!” He has a hard time expressing his feelings without bursting into tears or getting very angry. We’re working on that.

More later.