Very long day. Started working before 9am and wrapped up with a 7:30pm meeting with a physician who lives in Palo Alto, CA. In between, I ran to the Dollar Tree to get gift bags as mom has asked me to pass along her treasures & collectibles to her dear friends who have been so good to us.

It’s fun to partner with her on what to give them. I told her that she’s still telling me what to do, even while bed bound. I told her I shared with my friend I had dinner with last night that she’ll be “telling me what to do from the grave.” Without missing a beat, mom replied, “probably.” She’s still making me smile.

Dad and I chit chatted after my evening meeting. I told him that I was nauseous for half of my trip home because I saw it backwards on the Amtrak train. He responded with a story from Vietnam where he was on a giant cargo plane riding backwards, and a large marine was throwing up. I told him, “way to one up me dad with your navy stories.” At least we can find the humor amongst the sadness.

I’m heading home on Friday after work, and returning Wednesday, assuming things remain “stable” although I can see mom is getting weaker now. She’s reminiscing and told me she sang to my brother on the phone today. So sweet.

That’s all for today.