Strength &agony

I am 100% convinced that my mother is the strongest person I know. Last night, as I stood by her side, she was ill, no complaints, and then thanked me for assisting her. And now, as I sit by her side with my laptop (working), it’s happening again.

“It doesn’t seem right, does it, mom?” What a way to end your life. She deserves better. I’m in tears. And now, a few minutes later, she rests again with her eyes closed.

I am extremely grateful for remote work today. If I was office bound, I would likely be on a leave of absence from work, but since I can work from “anywhere” right now, I can do both. I don’t think I could ever go back to working full time in an office again, to be honest. I guess I should say I do not want to, but depending on the nature of how things go with my job, I might have to. Have you heard about the “Great Resignation?” I guess lots of people are leaving their jobs for something “better.” As a Gen Xer, we’re used to just dealing with the hand we’re dealt, but that doesn’t work for most anymore.

Back to mom. She just asked for some help. So, I will end this and be back again soon.