There must be something symbolic in deactivating a deceased person’s Facebook account. Not sure what it is, but since my mom’s account was hacked, it is forcing the issue sooner than later. Thank goodness I kept mom’s phone so I can take care of these random things. I’ve submitted a request to “memorialize” her account. Thought that sounded like the most respectful option.

It’s Thursday, and I’ve been back at work since Monday. It’s taken me a few days to get back into the swing of things. I’m working on getting my home office finished, or as I like to think of it, my “oasis,” as soon it will also have a couch and tv set up for “me time.” It’s hard to adjust to all of the tumult at my house.

Thank you to all who have been reaching out to us. I’m finding it very hard to talk nostalgically about my mom or look at photos of her right now, so please understand if I don’t get back to you right away. It still feels very raw and at a moment’s notice, I can burst into tears and then be fine again a few minutes later. It’s not super fabulous if it happens during the work day, Fortunately, if it is during the evening, Ted will give me a hug and that helps.

My dad has moved here to the Boston area, so we’ve been busy getting him settled in. He is about 25 minutes away from me, without traffic, which is pretty much never. But he lives near two good Whole Foods and my favorite TJ Maxx so traffic, schmaffic! He’s getting his furniture deliveries on Friday and Monday, so that’ll help get him settled in. There will also be a series of items coming to my house, such as the sofa and a few tables, plus many boxes of items for us to go through at some point but will land in my basement for the time being. Photo albums, my parent’s china, etc will be nestled somewhere in our basement. Speaking of our basement, did I ever write here that there are remnants of a fire on the beams in the basement from the 1920s from a still that was hidden in there during Prohibition?

Ok back to work.