Just laid on my bed, grabbed my phone, and instinctually went to call mom to discuss my day. So there’s that.

I’m debating now whether I want to do the MBA right now. I am on the fence since I have so much going on right now. At the same time, I know I’d enjoy it. I’m speaking with the program director tomorrow to discuss.

I had my performance review today. Pretty much keep doing what I’m doing. We’ve had to put a lot of my work on hold due to COVID and now staffing shortages = overworked medical teams = not a good time to ask them for money. So I’m focused on alumni engagement & I am set to close a $2 million gift this year from an alum so that’ll get me to my goal.

Dad came over for dinner yesterday & saw our “work in progress” aka house. He had vertigo and is clearly in mourning over losing mom, so there’s that. It’s tough no matter how you slice it. Our family has a mom-sized hole.

I got a new laptop so I was setting that up tonight. It’s perfect for what I need for school and non-work stuff (like YouTube!). I did my first Instagram live tonight after a hiatus & it was fun. It’s a good escape.

I’m trying to get my body back on track after basically neglecting it for months & eating crap, as I sit here eating a cookie. Been taking my vitamins so I’m hoping my iron & thiamin are normalizing again. I’m also going to see a gynecological oncologist from where I work so I can get some advice on preventative care. Good times. Three of my dear friends – plus my cousin & aunt – all had breast cancer so it’s no joke. Plus, mom was stage 4 ovarian when hers was discovered.

That’s about it. Ciao!


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