My dad passed along an email this morning that my cousin Sue passed away from Covid yesterday. She came to mom’s funeral to offer her support with her husband, who was my dad’s first cousin on my grandmother Ruth’s side of the family. And now, after a bout on a respirator, she’s gone. I don’t know if she was vaccinated or boosted, but after seeing Ted struggling with Covid after having a vaccination, I am going to recommend anyone who isn’t boosted (or vaccinated!) to please go and do it. I am proof that it works. I lived with three people with Covid, and I did not get it. I am boosted as of November 2021. Either that, or as someone said, I have super immunity. I take a handful of vitamins every morning, as directed for someone who had gastric sleeve surgery.

I had my orientation for my MBA last night. We had a chance to hear from one of our professors, this amazing guy who will be teaching us about leadership. He said he is not looking for us to talk about aspirational leadership, but to learn from how we have and currently lead. It should be a very interesting reflection as I aspire to get back into a leadership role where I manage a team again. It feels like a lot to take on right now, yet I am very excited about it as well. Maybe not my accounting and finance classes, but fortunately, I live with a math whiz!

Wishing all who read this a happy friday and long weekend.