A Happier you

Catchy, eh? It’s a book I finished reading today on positive psychology written by a dear childhood friend. When he spoke about growing up or his father, I kept thinking, “I was there. I was part of that journey. I knew him.” He lost his father a few years back to cancer as well.

The book is excellent. It’s filled with practical information, exercises you can do to help capture the moments of pleasure and joy in your life. So often I’m talking to my therapist during darker days and I express to her that I don’t feel any joy in my life. I’m hoping I can use some of the tools from this book to help find those moments of joy, even in those darkest hours.

Today was MLK Day. Ted was home; I was working from home, but it wasn’t my most productive day. There may have been a nap involved.

Ted and I booked Honeymoon #4? #5? for next week. I’m heading to Miami a few days early to WFH (Technically, WFM), and then he’ll join me. We’ll be staying at a little studio in South Beach. I am just excited for a change of pace, a new view outside the window. I think we’ll be very close to the beach. It won’t be beach-weather, as they say, but at little dip of feet in sand never hurt anyone.