Kenny’s Ami

When I was a kid, we were headed to Miami with my grandparents. My brother kept referring to “Miami” which I thought was “my Ami” and therefore called it “Kenny’s ami.” Kenny = my brother

Anyhow, I’m in Miami & I swear, I feel like I’m in Europe. Between the palm trees and multiple languages overheard, I want to break out my Italian & start shouting “prego” wherever I go. In the elevator at the airport, I even communicated with a family who only spoke Spanish. Man, I feel like myself again.

I feel like I’m a little lost right now with the multitude of life’s changes. I’m now wife, stepmom, student, cat owner, home owner, like actual house, not a condo), and sans mother. When did all of that happen?? Walking around South Beach tonight to get dinner gave me a brief sense of my former self – independent, adventuresome, and free. It was a nice moment, but fear not (!), I loved speaking to Ted & the kids back at home, and eagerly await Ted’s arrival on Friday. I am happy to reconnect with my “former self” for a little while, but “present self” is not too shabby.

Speaking of school, I started classes this week for my MBA! I’m enjoying them, and I really like this cohort model where I’m taking classes with colleagues from my medical center & our hospital system. So far, so good. Ask me if I still feel this way when I’m sloshing through accounting & finance! Again, I am so glad my hubby has a masters in applied math! 🙌

I am working tomorrow but I do plan to take a break & visit the Jewish Museum, namely because there is a Barbara Streisand exhibit. It’ll make me feel close to mom.

For my Floridian readers, I plan to return in March to the left coast and work from my in-law’s place so I can gather more of that vitamin D we all so desperately need.


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