2/18/22 – Peri what?

I love Friday nights. The work week is behind me, and there are two days ahead to do the things that have been unattended to all week, like lounging in bed and not setting the alarm. Not surprising, my weekend fantasies involve sleep. I am, like millions of other Americans, sleep deprived. You wouldn’t think it as I’m usually in bed by 9, out by 10:30, and up at 7:30/8. But my nights are incredibly restless. I wake up at the sound of a pin drop, even with headphones or earplugs. When Ted moves, I move. And my sweet kitten Louie likes to sleep on my knees or ankles so I’m weary of kicking him mid-dream.

But there’s a deeper secret to my lack of sleep. It’s my dirty little secret. No one dares discuss it but we all know it’s there. It’s called perimenapause. It’s the time that feels like forever before you experience “the change.” Oh I’m changing! I go through so many pajamas from the night sweats and now I have what looks & feels like welts on my chin! It’s cystic acne but man, it’s ugly & painful.

I went to Ulta and whispered, “I need retinoids” to treat my adult acne. The salesperson nodded and pointed me to an $80 bottle of Dermalogica serum that is supposed to help with wrinkles & adult acne. I though, “Can I lather myself in it??” I didn’t flinch at the price. I practically tore it off the shelf and couldn’t get it on my face fast enough! It’s now day #3 and I’m still expecting the miracles. After all, this stuff was $80!

I held up my “Menopause for Dummies” book on my recent zoom with my therapist, and said, “The truth is – my mom never had much to say about menopause when I asked.” She said I could ask her anything I wanted about it. I told her I didn’t even know what to ask.

So, I’ve made a pact to be open about it and talk to my friends as we embark on this next chapter in our lives.

I salute you, Peri!

How you doin'?

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