In my friend Scott’s A Happier You program focused on positive psychology, he provides readers with an meditation/breathing exercise where we move from the self to the world with our thoughts and breathe. It’s too hard to do that today. Putin and his Russian army invaded Ukraine today. There are murmurs of WWIII today. It’s incredibly scary stuff.

With social media, the Ukraine doesn’t seem as far away as it may have previously. It’s just a click away. I met a woman named Julia on a singles cruise many years ago who lives in Kyiv. I wrote a note to her on her wall – like that is going to do any good. I didn’t know what else to do from the safely of my home here outside of Boston.

I was listening to a meeting about the supply chain issues at the hospital system where I work while also perusing the NY Times, which was doing live updates on what was going on across the world. My sister-in-law was born in Ukraine. My colleague described to me over lunch yesterday about her family in Ukraine. It’s closer than we think.

It feels incredibly overwhelming and exhausting all at once. I am also in the process of taking on a new role at work, so that is also overwhelming and exhausting – more to come on that. I’m also in the throws of my first semester of my MBA. I’m exhausted!