Plus + Minus

Sometimes you need to add and subtract at the same time.


I added new responsibilities to my job which I am so thrilled about – I will be adding neurology and pulmonary medicine to my fundraising portfolio at work. This means that in addition to working with retired alumni and faculty, I will be fundraising to our grateful patients as well. Excited.


I informed my MBA program that I will be leaving after this semester. It’s just too much. I may revisit going back, but truthfully, I probably won’t. It is expensive, time consuming, and adding undue stress. I felt as if my family was coming in third, after work and school. I’m not a single woman climbing the ladder anymore. I’m a wife, stepmom, and comfortable in my place on the ladder. My priorities have changed. And, my dad is here now, so he is also part of my priorities. With mom gone, he needs our support more than ever. When I told him I was leaving the program, he said it was a “no brainer.” Was that a neuro reference? 😛

I’m in a very good place. Mom is looking down on me and smiling.