It’s 3:12am. I’m lying in bed, listening to the night sounds, which include Ted’s snores, my cat’s purrs, and the occasional rustle of my bag of snacks – tonight, it’s popcorn.

I’m going for an overnight sleep study in a few weeks, so until then, I am awake with my thoughts.

I withdrew from my leadership class tonight. My former self could have swung the balance of work and school, but being part of a family requires sacrifice. The kids need me and I need to share the household responsibilities. But I’m sad about leaving that class, as it was so thought provoking. My professor understood, and thus I withdrew with a perfect score on every assignment. I’m finishing my marketing class since it’s only a few more weeks, and I’m in the middle of my group project. When we met last night, I was nearly in tears when they told me what an impact I made on them and in our classes. Thank goodness they’re still my colleagues!

My new job is very hectic but incredibly fulfilling. I said to Ted I could probably work 24-7 & still not get it all done! I initiated a gathering for 5 of us on my team on Friday who all live near each other so we can chat over coffee. I love my team at work. They’re amazing! I feel very proud to be in my role at work. I’m amazed at what is being accomplished by the physicians and researchers.

I should try to get back to sleep. A lulling podcast awaits.,.


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