My turn.

Argh. It’s close to midnight and I’m still awake. Besides a trip to CVS for a drive-thru COVID test and a few joy rides with Ted, I haven’t left my house in 8…9…days…I lost count. Last Friday, after what I was convinced was a bad cold mixed with a stomach bug, my at-home antigen COVID test came up positive. That COVID positive line was dark purple. It might have well been a neon sign shouting, “you’ve got the plague.”

I really thought I wasn’t going to get it. And then a colleague reminded me that I am not, in fact, “super human,” but instead, I am “mortal.” Or was that my dad? Chalk it up to my foggy COVID brain, I suppose.

I pretty slept for 3 days straight from Sunday – Tuesday, and returned to work (from home) on Wednesday. I definitely am glad I had my 4 vax shots or it likely would’ve been worse.

I tested yesterday and today – still positive. Ugh. So, I got a pcr test today and now, I wait.

PS it’s fun to see what the cats are up to when we’re usually asleep!!


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