First restaurant outing

I had a real night out last night – movie, then dinner with a friend! We saw Bohemian Rhapsody (which we loved) and then went to Legal Seafood. I ordered salmon, which was probably 7 ounces & I ate 1 ounce of it! But now I have leftovers! It was so good to be out in Boston again. By the way, the Seaport area has exploded! I loved it.

I’ve lost 27 pounds now. It’s crazy! My energy levels have been up and down, but I’m taking myself to Old Navy today to stock up on some inexpensive smaller sizes. I don’t want to invest too heavily since these clothes will need to be donated as some point too.

And excited to see Ted later!

Hope you all had a good weekend.


First Meal!

I had my first post-surgery “meal” today prepared by someone else! I took two halves of a wrap sandwich and pull out the turkey & veggies. I ate about 10% of what everyone else ate, but it felt good to be able to rejoin the world in normalcy.

I made dinner plans for tomorrow – can’t wait to see how that goes!


When I used to talk about overcoming my eating disorder, I used to say “recovery isn’t linear.” Apparently the same goes for recovering from gastric sleeve surgery! I’ve been up and down the past few weeks, and fortunately, today, I made it to my office. It’s good to be back doing work. I’ve been so incredibly weak the last week, likely from not getting enough water or food. I’m literally drinking all day at work in the hopes that it helps.

Mom is status quo. She’s getting rid of most of her clothes because they’re too big, and in return, giving many of them to me for when I get to her former size. It’s all very weird. But she does have some nice stuff!

I’m down about 25 pounds now, I think, maybe a bit more or less. I’m wearing my jeans from 2 summers ago (held onto them just in case) and soon, nothing in my closet, besides the new things I’ve been slowly acquiring, will fit. So weird. I’m donating most of them – selling a few, consigning a few. Again, if you know anyone who might benefit from some (many gently used) plus size clothes, give me a shout. I have a lot of designer jeans that are barely worn.

Ok back to work now!

PS I got a raise and a bonus!


Drove to work and turned around & returned home this morning. Wasn’t feeling quite right – very weak. I spoke with my dr and she said my symptoms are normal. I rested and am going back to the office tomorrow – wish me luck.

Protein shakes are my saving grace right now. I don’t think animal protein is my friend so instead, I’m going to stick with dairy & plant proteins. You live & learn.

Mom’s doing great! She got a cute wig today and sent me a photo – super cute. Can’t wait to see it in person. Ted & I are heading to NJ for Thanksgiving. Will be nice to have him join us!

That’s all for now. Enjoying wearing my clothes that haven’t fit in a while. Slowly gathering things to give away, which ultimately will be nearly everything I own. Crazy, huh?

Back to life.

It’s Monday, November 5, and I’m back at work. Unfortunately my coworker is out sick so I’m alone in the office. But at least I’m back in action. Only snafu so far was trouble eating my lunch. I have to remember to eat very tiny bites!

I just ordered my family’s Thanksgiving dinner from a nice market in New Jersey and realized I will pretty much just be able to eat the turkey! I’ll bring my own food so I don’t feel left out. It’ll be weird but doable.

It’s amazing how fast I healed from this surgery. My surgery was just 2 weeks ago! More later.


Saturday night and I’m still home, recovering. I go back to work on Monday. Not dreading going other than keeping up my strength. It’s amazing how hard it is to get enough protein, calories, and water each day. I’m eating less than 500 calories per day, which is nuts!

This was tonight’s cooking experience:

Chicken stir fry with fresh veggies and Trader Joe’s Soyaki sauce. Delish! I got 9 servings out of that pan! I put 4 in fridge & 4 in the freezer (4 ounce containers). Tomorrow, or later this week, I’ll make turkey chili which I’ll have as another meal option this week. Getting into the groove.

Mom is cleaning out her closet since she’s lost weight so she’s passing along things to me. She has nice things so I don’t mind! It will save me money as I shift sizes. I don’t think I’ve shifted sizes yet but we’ll see when I start wearing work clothes again.

I’m excited to get back to the gym in a few weeks and start toning as I lose weight.

This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done and I’ve done some crazy shit over the years! Thanks for sticking with me on my journey.


I lost 20 lbs since my surgery. Surreal to think that I did that while lying around, recovering from surgery.

I’m pleased. My leggings fit better. I’m starting to notice the change. My nutritionist moved me to “stage 4” today, which includes soft, moist proteins. So, I went to Star Market after my appointment and bought ingredients to make turkey chili and some chicken dish, probably stir fry. Since I have the time now, I think I’m going to make things in advance and freeze them. We’ll see how that goes.

My next appointment is set for Nov 29, when I’ll move to “stage 5” or as like to call it: life.

The main things I need to be mindful of are protein content (the higher, the better) and sugar (less than 16 grams preferred). Low fat is helpful for now too until our bodies adjust. So no avocado for now.

It’s funny, I am not fixating on what I’ve lost anymore, but rather, what I’m gaining – including a healthier body, the ability to still enjoy food. This is no Jenny Craig or Nutrasystem or Weight Watchers, which I’ve all tried. This is life and reacting to what my body needs. Who needed all of that stomach anyhow?? 😉