I love to hate you!

erasure2I’m slightly delayed in writing this post, but in all fairness, I’ve been busy!

On September 27th, I checked something important off my bucket list: I met my favorite band, Erasure!  I’ve been a fan since I first heard their 2nd album, the Innocents, in 1988 when I was in the 7th grade.  Quickly, I purchase their first album, Wonderland; experienced my first concert in 1989 called “Wild!”; and have been in love ever since.

I went to the concert nearly two Saturdays ago with my friend Jen, who has been a fanerasure of Erasure since her middle school years as well.  While waiting on line to meet Vince and Andy of Erasure, we started chatting with a couple on line with us.  They, too, had been fans of the band for years, and had actually bonded in their relationship over Erasure’s music.  They’re planning their wedding, in fact, and told Jen and I that they plan to incorporate Erasure music into their wedding.  Rock Me Gently – one of my FAVES – is going to be their first dance!

As a kid, I dreamed of something like that – finding a fellow Erasure fan and dancing to them at our wedding.  It warmed my heart to meet a real life couple who are fulfilling that dream.

In case you’re reading this, best of luck to you both!


The Reunion: Booze Cruises, Party Buses from Tewksbury, and Public Romance

It’s Monday evening and I’m desperately trying to hold onto the great memories of the weekend.  The Singles Cruise reunion was a blast!  I popped in and out of the reunion since I had to do regular life stuff, like go to the eye doctor and mail a FedEx package.  But I met up with everyone on Friday night at a bar in Boston, and had a really fun time reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones.  Always a good time with the Cruisers.

boozecruisebostonSaturday night was the Booze Cruise.  We sailed around Boston Harbor on a party boat, chock full of cash bars and cover bands.  Our group made up about 50% of the people on the boat, and the others were a mix of local Bostonians who had taken a party bus from Tewksbury.  Many of them were “friends of the band.”  All of them were drunk.  I can only imagine how much beers was on that party bus!

Early on the cruise, I met a guy who was chatting me and a few other ladies up.  No biggie.  He was a local guy, friends with the band, and looking for a little romance.  Or so I thought?  We’ll come back to this guy – we’ll call him Sam – in a moment.

Meanwhile, I had a few beers and then moved towards the back to get away from the crowds.photo-65My hair was apparently blowing in the wind and caught the attention of a guy named Charlie.  We chatted for the remainder of the cruise – he was quite intoxicated – and I pretty much heard his life story.  He asked me for my “numba” – Boston accent – and for a kiss.  I gave him my digits, but declined the latter, since I’m not into PDA, but it was flattering all the same.

While I was chatting with Charlie, my friend pulled me aside to “show me something.”  I thought she was trying to get me away from Charlie, but then I realized she was showing me something quite interesting.  Remember Sam?  He was leaning against one of the women from our group, who was pressed against the railing, having – how shall I say this? – ahem – intercourse.  Yep, he found his romance!  They were having public sex.

The wonder’s never cease.

I miss the Cruisers already!

P.S.  Had my date on Sunday.  He was a total sweetheart.